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Sushi Wednesday

Today we went to Matsuyama Sushi for sushi Wednesday. Creamy salmon sashimi is my favorite,  photo below:

Yummy Creamy Salmon Sashimi Photo

Yummy! Creamy Salmon Sashimi.


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Organic Berry Bash

Photo of Organic Raspberry and Blackberry Sauces

Organic Raspberry and Blackberry for sauces from Whole Foods.

This past Sunday we had an Organic Berry Bash with friends and family, thanks to Whole Foods of Torrance  for providing the organic berries. We had so much fun and plenty of yummy berries to eat. The first photo is of organic raspberries and blackberries in a small dual crock pot with some water and sugar which made wonderful sauces to use on many dishes.

I also setup a small single crock pot with blueberries, water and sugar to make blueberry sauce. The blueberries took a little longer to make sauce than the raspberry and blackberries.

We also enjoyed some Bowle German Punch as shown in the right photo which had strawberry and blueberries in it. Very yummy and strong, I think this one could get to you fast.

Photo of Bowle German Punch

Bowle German Punch made with strawberry and blueberries.

The berry bash included steel cut oatmeal with mixed berries, coleslaw with berries, crepes with berries, berries with ice cream, berries on pound cake, homemade whip cream, berries flambe and wheat beer with blueberries.

It was a berry good and yummy day. You can find all the photos on Got Baddog’s blog post about the berry bash. Thanks to Whole Foods for the sponsorship and thanks to Lloyd’s dad hosting this berry bash and his friends for coming over to enjoy all the yummy organic berries with us.

Organic Berry Bash

Today we are having an Organic Berry Bash, thank you Whole Foods in Torrance, California. Yesterday we picked up organic blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and some strawberries. Today we are meeting up at Lloyd’s fathers house to have the Berry Bash. Here is a photo of the berries we picked up yesterday.

Photo of Organic Berries from Whole Foods in Torrance, California

Organic Berries from Whole Foods in Torrance, California

This photo was taken with my iPhone.

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